Programmer for Padauk-based micros. Based off of and compatible with the Easy PDK Programmer design.

Uses firmware developed by

Differences from the original programmer:

  • PCB design by true
  • Functionally identical with the original Easy PDK Programmer
  • Silkscreen for easier assembly and troubleshooting
  • Additional header row for wide SOP or custom adapters

Orders ship with:

  • 1x programmer (you will need a Micro USB cable)
  • 1x SOP16 programming socket for programming SOP8, SOP14 and SOP16 PDK MCUs
  • 5x PMS150C OTP MCU
  • 1x PFS173 Flash MCU

The MCUs are provided to get you started. If you don't need these MCUs, or want to request a different MCU, please contact me - I have several PDK part numbers on hand.

tC Padauk Programmer, "Easy PDK" compatible

  • Brand: trueControl
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  • $30.00

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