a GAT-compatible def con badge addon 

it's doom. it's playable. it's tiny. 

it's expensive, because it's hand assembled.

designed, built and assembled in las vegas, nv.

6 total pcb layers, 4 voltage regulators.

power from usb-c (5volt only, no PD charger) or addon header.

if powering from addon header, usb will power a keyboard (limit 250mA).

originally released at def con 30 in 2022.

working features:

  • fully playable doom at 20-35fps
  • usb keyboard support
  • sound (though kinda awful)
  • does this all at around 70mA total

future planned features:

  • reduce power consumption further, if possible
  • enable accelerometer and button controls (need to write the code)
  • make sound, well, sound better
  • test multiplayer support
  • test and provide instructions for full doom, doom2 wad upload
  • finish the hopes and dreams (listed below)

what you get for your money: a fully assembled and tested microdoom addon.

you are also paying for hopes and dreams that true can finish the code.

you are also paying for hopes and dreams that the controller module will be completed.
yes, there is a battery powered, portable host controller for microdoom planned. acrylic stackup with resin printed dpad and buttons, and can be worn as a badge. you plug microdoom into it and have a portable dooming experience. true has all the parts, but needs to do one more pcb rev to fix a small bug and fix the sound chambers for the speakers. supports chaining with type-c usb cables for multiplayer. has rgbleds that fire into your palms, replicating the light values at the edges of the screen. has amazing hand drawn doom art by @alt_bier on the back. when it gets done, you'll get one (just pay shipping or get from true at defcon). all hopes and dreams right now.

When firmware updates are available, they will be announced on twitter and elsewhere.

please note: the lcd screen is a weak point in the design.
particularly where the ribbon connects to the front of the lcd, it can fail.
this failure can be from impact or from time.
should it fail, find true at supercon or defcon and he will fix it.
if you want to fix it yourself, the lcd is inexpensive. contact true for directions.

circuit, layout and design by true

microdoom GAT Badge Addon

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