Keyboard Controller for HDMI Autofocus Microscope (Eakins, etc...)

This is a KIT VERSION - nothing is soldered. Requires skill to solder SMD components, including 0603-sized LEDs without melting them.

A top-mounted controller for some types of HDMI autofocus microscopes.

Button spacing makes it easy to feel for auto and manual focus controls. Top-mounted controls result in less microscope shaking when used in top-down configurations. This reduces blurring in video.

Provides buttons for autofocus, single-shot autofocus, manual focus, and snapshot. Has two fake feedback LEDs to show the currently active mode.

To determine compatibility:

  1. Does your microscope look like this?

  2. Plug in a USB keyboard, and make sure no SD card is inserted. Press 4 on the number row. Do you get an error on the screen?

If yes to both questions, this device should work for you.

If no to the second question, this device may work for you with a future update that adds mouse emulation mode. Check back for updates.

Alternatively, you can order this as a kit without mounting the angled USB connector, add some feet, and use a micro USB cable to turn this into a 5 button keyboard. The firmware is very basic, but can be modified to support sending different keystrokes.

Contents include:

  • Bare PCB
  • USB connectors
  • 5x Buttons (select type)
  • 3x LEDs (in case you burn one)
  • Capacitors
  • USB Microcontroller

HDMI Autofocus Microscope Controller (kit)

  • Brand: trueControl
  • Product Code: tC-m41-kit
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