Allows control of DMX channels as if they were lighting output channels on a 2DIMPWM8. Simply program as a 2DIMPWM8 in your host system.

Connects to vendor's cnet interface port.

Product features

  • Works with 2-series, 3-series and Home
  • Similar form factor to vendor's original device
  • One device can emulate up to 15 2DIMPWM8, providing 120 total channels of control
    • Each emulated "device" has a unique cnet ID and TSID
  • Firmware updates via on-board USB
  • DMX channels are 1:1 mapped; examples:
    • The first output on the second emulated device would be DMX output 9
    • The fourth output on the fourth emulated device would be DMX output 28

Features in progress:

  • Dual master support - connect to a Home and 3-series system simultaneously!
    • Run one cnet master to the Home system cnet port, and the other to the 3-series cnet port
    • This can allow Home to operate lights, while at the same time...
    • Allows 3-series processor full control of RGBW outputs
    • Current plan is to have the emulated devices use the same cnet ID on both master processors
    • Optional: unsolicited feedback to synchronize changes caused by one system to the other
      • (the vendor's device never sends unsolicited feedback for RGBW)
  • Device configuration via on-board USB
    • Configure cnet IDs, TSIDs, and other settings before deploying in the field
    • Back up settings, clone to another device
  • 16-bit DMX channels
    • Not many devices support this, but could allow for smoother light fades
  • Logarithmic or custom scale (currently linear only; process log on your DMX endpoint if it supports it)

tC 8 Channel RGBW DMX Controller (cnet-compatible)

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